Voters choose ‘yes’ to retain 3 judges in McHenry County

Three judges will keep their posts in a retention-only election in McHenry County’s 22nd Judicial Circuit.

Voters were asked whether they wanted to retain Judges Maureen McIntyre, Michael Chmiel and Charles Weech.

At least 60 percent of those responding to the ballot question had to choose “yes” for a judge to be retained.

According to unofficial vote totals, all three did

Voters retained McIntyre with 79 percent, or 86,732 “yes” votes to 23,001 no votes, or 21 percent.

Chmiel was retained with 75 percent, or 80,908 votes to 27,426 voters who said “no”.

Weech was retained with 77 percent, or 82,992 “yes” votes, to 24,826 or 23 percent “no” votes.

The numbers do not include all early or absentee ballots.



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