Ambler General Store in Chemung

Published: Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

Charles E. Ambler was born in Chicago in 1872, arrived in Chemung in 1906, lived there
for 47 years and was the proprietor of the general store. He first formed a partnership
with Jim Westerman and Clinton Carr to establish the store, and later became the sole
owner. The store is the nearest building in this early 1900s photo.

Chemung was established as a town in 1844. At its height of development it had four dry
goods stores, a drugstore, a blacksmith store and a wagon shop. When the railroad
moved its base of operations to Harvard, the town’s rapid growth came to an end.

The Ambler store also served as the post office. Charles Ambler was postmaster from 1907 to 1942. When the post office was closed in 1943, Ambler mailed a post card to
himself. It read “This is the last piece of mail postmarked at this office.”

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