Never buy pig in a poke

To the Editor:

In the good old days of selling in markets, some farmers used to offer animals in a sack or poke.

This was a sight-unseen sale. Buyers were supposed to trust the farmers to put healthy animals into the sack. This applies to politicians too (“Senate blocks Dems’ bill boosting vets’ benefits,” Feb. 28).

But read very closely. One line of the entire article also states it includes spending issues and penalties against Iran. The block is not against vets but against a pig in a poke. How much goes to vets and how much to the other stuff? It’s not clarified in this article nor by the media.

This is a common practice among all members of Congress (a wolf in sheep’s clothing). You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

There are literally thousands of handouts and ulterior motives in legitimate bills, but they are totally hidden and never mentioned. It’s just how business is done in Congress.

The bigger the bill, the more that’s hidden.

Be sure to look into issues before you take a position.

As a friend of mine said, “Believe but verify.”

James Dirksen

Crystal Lake