Welcome to Nottingham

To the Editor:

I’m remembering the story of Robin Hood as I read about the new tax being proposed in Springfield.

Common misconception of this story is that Robin Hood stole from the rich people to give to the poor people. The fact of the story is that Robin Hood stole from those who unjustly levied excessive taxes and confiscated private property when taxes were not paid. He fought against the tax collector, the Sheriff of Nottingham and those who levied the taxes, Prince John. He did not steal from those who produced and sold goods or services.

Michael Madigan can be described as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Gov. Pat Quinn as Prince John, or, if you like, vice versa.

Here they go again saying the money will go to the schools. I’ve a bridge for sale for anyone who believes this. Hey, Illinois, welcome to Nottingham.  

David G. Stack