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On The Record

Why are you running for county board?

I am running for McHenry County Board because I believe our county's residents need someone to stand up for them and their beliefs. Taxes in our county are ranked in the top 25 (highest) in the nation. This to me does not translate to an effective and efficient government. The county board members cannot continue to sell bonds and use cash to fill their budget requirements. This is just kicking the can down the road and playing a shell game. Taxes have become to high in our county and need to be reeled in to help all of the families/people in McHenry County. This is one of my greatest motivations for running for McHenry County Board.

What is your top legislative priority if you are elected?

The three issues that most families worry about are jobs, the economy and taxes. I wonder how our local economy will grow when our taxes are listed among the top 25 in the nation? That reality paired with the fact that Illinois is crippled with debt and overspending problems, creates a recipe for overtaxing to continue. People, and more importantly businesses, are leaving our county and state because of these problems. We have to come up with simple fixes to very complex problems created by past politicians. Government has overextended itself into our lives with more and more laws and bureaucracy. We must start fixing these problems at our local and county levels first. I believe that I can bring these common sense and reasonable solutions to the people of McHenry County.

Where do you stand on the upcoming March referendum to make the County Board chairmanship popularly elected by the voters?

I am against the County Board Chairmanship being elected at large. Just as the last election voting County Board Chairmanship with executive powers was defeated almost 2 to 1. I feel that choosing a County Board Chairmanship by the existing board members is still the right decision. Under the current process the County Board Chairmanship is only a 2 yr term. A County Board Chair typically at most sits for up to 4-6 yrs. I feel that if the County Board Chair was elected at large that outside influences would be coming in to help dictate what goes on in McHenry County. I also don't think that adding another layer of government in McHenry County or the State of Illinois is the answer.

Do you believe that the County Board before 2013 kept an adequate eye on the finances and spending of the McHenry County Mental Health Board? Why or why not?

I feel that the County Board did not have a understanding of the magnitude of what was happening at the McHenry County Mental Health Board. If you fail to have oversight, especially with something so large, you will end up reacting to a situation that has spiraled to where it is today. Trying to fix the problem that has taken place now, will and already has taken yrs. to repair. Fulling funding a very large brick and mortar building instead of using that money to help those people that need it was not the answer.

Do you believe the county should continue to run Valley Hi Nursing Home, or would you like to see it sold to a private entity?

I believe that we should be helping our elderly population. They have mostly worked and contributed to our society and we should not just push them to the side because they have become older. However, you should be able to run Valley Hi Nursing Home at the very minimum at around break even. If a private entity can come in and run a nursing home and make money, the question will lie in why can't McHenry County? You have to look at where the money is going? A lot of the patients at Valley Hi are typically Medicaid which the State of Illinois reimburse. This means there are typical delays of months upon payment for services. This makes things harder to run efficiently. Is the staff at Valley Hi over or under staffed? McHenry County Board will have to decide and if we don't have the right people in place to run the facility then we need to take a closer look. We don't want another disaster like the Mental Health Board and Facility.

What issues would you like to see addressed in the upcoming Unified Development Ordinance?

I believe that there is a new version coming out soon and to speculate what the new version is going to look would be unfair. However, one thing that has come up are the very large lighted billboards. I feel that those should not be on county property. The problem arises because of pockets of county property that are within city limits west of 47. Most county property is west of Rt. 47 and in the northern part of the McHenry County. I think that the County Board should continue to have a moratorium on those types of signs until the final version is voted on.

Do you believe county government should continue to keep its tax levy frozen? Why or why not? And if not, what expenses would you cut to ease the burden on taxpayers?

I do believe that we should keep the tax levy frozen at this time. McHenry County needs to find ways to cut back on expenses. When the County is in the top 25 in taxes in the nation everything that is done within our county needs to be taken a look at from top to bottom. No department should be excluded from trying to find more reasonable ways to cut high taxes.

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