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Sharon Hansen



Pontiac, IL

Innkeeper, Self Employed

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On The Record

Why are you the best candidate for Senate?

I am a citizen candidate. I have never held a political office. I am not a millionaire or a billionaire. I have absolutely no connections in DC. I can much better understand the problems and concerns the average American has. My candidacy isn't about me. It is about our broken government and what can be done by honest citizens who simply want to change the direction of our country. This can only be accomplished by candidates who have a strong moral compass. I donít have a greedy bone in my body. Iím a giver, not a taker. I believe that we only need our Constitution and the Ten Commandments to guide us. Both will guide me in office, along with daily thoughtful prayer and support of people that I trust. My goal is to have a 100% freedom rating. I only plan to serve one term, but I am certain that if elected, at the end of my term, the people of Illinois will plead with me to run again.

The U.S. faces a $17 trillion (and rising) debt burden. Can this debt be paid down without raising taxes? Where can spending be cut?

There are many places where debt can easily be reduced without anything bad happening because of it. We have 432 agencies, many are duplicates and donít do anything. They can be dismantled. The Dept. of Education spends $38 billion a year and has never and will never improve education. The parents and teachers should be educating our children and the federal government has no part in that. The department is unconstitutional and a huge waste of money. One down 431 to go.

Where do you stand on immigration reform?

With the current disaster happening in America with open borders, I canít even address immigration reform. We FIRST need to secure our borders. We need to kick out all illegal aliens who have been encouraged to come to America in recent years by our current administration on both sides of the aisle. We have terrorists who our government financed, trained, and encouraged to come to America. This is totally unacceptable. Our own government has terrorized people all over the middle east to the point that they hate us. Itís not ďwe the peopleĒ who have done this. It is our very own government and everyone in our current government needs to be voted out of office by the people and start over with new people to represent us. Special interests run our country, not our elected representatives. When this is done, then we can address immigration reform.

What can be changed or improved about the Affordable Care Act? If you favor its repeal, what yould you replace it with?

The (Un)Affordable Care Act should be totally repealed. Government is not able to handle the huge burden this places on the people with additional costs, worse coverage, and poorer quality. The current administration is continuing a plan started in the early 1900ís. That plan is to control everything in our lives. They want stupid people who will do what they are told. These are the exact same steps followed by dictators in other countries. This system never works and our government should know that. If the size of government was reduced to only what the constitution says it is responsible for, we wouldnít need to pay any income taxes. All that money for all those agencies could be returned to the people and then we could pay our own medical costs and help out our poorer friends as well.

Approval ratings for Congress are far from ideal, and that's largely because of partisan rhetoric and the inability to compromise. If elected, will you be willing to reach across the aisle and work with members of the opposite party to resolve this country's many issues? Explain.

I am uniquely qualified to reach across the aisle since I would not be the same party as any other senator unless other libertarian senators are elected. There will be issues that I side with Democrats and issues where I will side with Republicans. I will be on whatever side that sides with the American people. For me, it is all about the people since that is who elected me and who I will represent.

No Child Left Behind and the Common Core State Standards are education initiatives that have Ė†and will Ė dramatically impact students in this area. What specifically do you think those impacts should be? If not with Common Core, how do you propose improving U.S. education performance vs. foreign countries that are doing much better? How do you view the state of education in the U.S. and Illinois? And what if anything would you look to change?

The state of education in the United States is a disaster due to No Child Left Behind and Common Core. All federal government interference should be removed from the equation. The Federal government has no right and no need to be involved with the education of our children. When the Federal government gets involved with ANYTHING, quality goes down and cost goes up no matter how well intentioned. I would like to see the education return to the parents and the teachers. Teachers have been taught to teach and they know that no two children are alike and each learns in different ways. Treating all children alike does a disservice to the children and to the education of the teachers. The Department of Education costs $38 billion a year. That money should be returned to taxpayers and they can use that to pay the teachers to teach their children.

What role should the U.S. play in regards to the ongoing conflicts throughout the Mideast, including conflicts instigated by terror groups?

The US needs to stop interfering in other countriesí affairs. Countries in the Middle East have been fighting for centuries. Itís hard to watch people suffering anywhere and itís noble to want to help them but the fact is that these people were better off when they had their dictators. Our interference has killed more innocents than were killed by their dictators. We are the cause of the current terrorists who are spreading hate and killing thousands of innocent people. Their behavior is in response to what the United States has done to their countries. Thatís why they hate us. We need to stay out of foreign entanglements. Americans would certainly be safer if we would. The American people are in more danger than they would be if our government had minded its own business. It is our government who makes the decisions to meddle in the affairs of other countries but itís the people who suffer.

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